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座落在台灣台南,自1989年成立以來,堅持台灣製造,深根台灣,持續專注於皮卡(PICK-UP)及SUV後視鏡的設計與製造,尤以能延伸駕駛視野的伸縮後視鏡(Towing Mirror)最為著稱,堪稱業界的領航者。自2010年起邁入改裝鏡產品,從獨立研發到今獲得美澳客戶信任,共同設計開發引領市場需求,持續推廣Unleash Your Vision視野安全與傳遞The Joy of Towing拖車樂趣的生活概念!

同時致力於老車新科技應用,推出Retro Fit產品,讓車主簡易升級老車視野,保障行車安全。我們更提供配件銷售,讓只有輕微損壞的配件如鏡面能輕易維修,不需整鏡更換,減輕地球廢棄物負擔。


Chris Cam Mirror is committed to enhancing the vision of pick-up truck drivers globally with full-featured and easy-to-install car mirrors.

Established in 1989, we have been dedicated to designing and manufacturing a wide selection of rear-view mirrors for pick-up trucks and SUVs, including our signature towing mirror, which extends drivers’ field of vision. All our products are meticulously manufactured in the city of Tainan, Taiwan. Over the years, we have earned the trust of our customers in the United States and Australia. Today, we design, develop, and lead with our customers to meet market demands while embodying our mottos:

Unleash Your Vision and Promote The Joy of Towing.

As a leader in the industry, we have conducted research and development in refitted mirrors since 2010. We place a special importance on the adoption and incorporation of cutting-edge technologies that improve the field of vision of older car models, enhancing the overall driving safety. We also provide replacement parts, such as mirror glass, for an easy repair rather than having to replace the whole mirror unit. In addition to reducing waste and mitigating pollution on Earth, we also promote eco-friendly solutions and increase awareness of sustainability.

In response to the rapid growth of market demands for product customization, we expanded our operations to include ODM services since 2018 and begin to cooperate with our customers to create exclusive products. As automotive electronics overtake the mainstream market, Chris Cam Mirror continue to be a leader in the industry as we proactively identify problems and innovate toward effective solutions.